Audit and Assurance

We provide the following audit and assurance services:

•  Statutory audits and other non-statutory audits

Our risk based audit approach, in line with the rigorous requirements of the International or Singapore Standards on Auditing, is tailored according to our understanding of our clients’ business and risks, which comprises 3 key phases in the process:

  • Planning – develop audit approach with primary focus on risk areas;
  • Execution – test key controls and perform test of details on significant accounts and risk areas during interim and finals;
  • Completion – issuance of annual financial statements and management letter, if any.

Our audit can also be carried out in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard ("IFRS") for companies that require reporting to parent company or third parties purpose.

Non-statutory audits are carried out for associations, clubs, charitable bodies, funds for schools and religious groups, management corporation strata titles ("MCST") and partnerships.

•  Review reporting package for submission to parent company.
•  Internal audit service

Includes performing outsourced internal audit function for any companies including listed companies.

•  Agreed upon procedures engagements

Such engagements include expense verification for companies which have received or will receive grants from sponsors or government bodies; revenue verification for landlord; royalty verification, and etc.

•  Review report

A review of the financial performance of the companies which may require an issuance of a review opinion on the interim financial statements.

•  Compilation

Small exempt private companies are still required to lodge their annual financial statements to the relevant authorities which are compiled based on the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (“FRS”) despite being exempted from audit.  We can assist companies in the compilation of the annual financial statements in line with the FRS.


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